AeroVironment’s Snipe Nano Quadcopter Used in Battlefields

Snipe Nano Quadcopter, newly released by AeroVironment, is a drone packable and has the ability to be carried around by every foot soldier, increasingly situational awareness and individual capability. Police, first respondents and those who require this high tech drone would be able to get one of their own this year. This quad is specially designed for people not knowing what they might encounter in the next turn or places they cannot ensure to be safe.

As revealed at AUSVI in Dallas a few days back, the Snipe Nano Quad only weighs 140 grams (5 oz) and fits perfectly into a small, light weighted case. AeroVironment has not yet disclosed the overall weight of the entire system including the touch screen controller.

The Snipe was designed by AeroVironment specially for “close-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions” and it can instantly be up in the air within 60 seconds, which is considered an important feature for those who might use it in theatre. The Snipe can record or relay real-time high resolution to the control unit at any time with its low-light electro/optical and infrared cameras, positioned in a tilting mechanism inside the drone.

aerovironment-snipe-nano-quadrotor-uas-3-1024x753 AeroVironment’s Snipe Nano Quadcopter Used in Battlefields

aerovironment-snipe-nano-quadrotor-uas-1-1024x575 AeroVironment’s Snipe Nano Quadcopter Used in Battlefields

aerovironment-snipe-nano-quadrotor-uas-6-1024x575 AeroVironment’s Snipe Nano Quadcopter Used in Battlefields

Every case is given two extra batteries, each having a flight time of around 15 minutes. The quad can also reach a max speed of 22 mph, and a range of 1 kilometer.

The Snip Nano Quad can be sold commercially, meaning that it doesn’t have to be only for defense, as it has an intergrated UHF radio for non-line-of-sight operation and also the software-defined radio (SDR). Non-commercial orders will be accepted from Q3, this year, and the first military order was fulfilled last month.

The company says that the Snip was able to withstand strong gusts of winds, which is up to 15 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. Being soundless, it can stealthily hover over targets from a close range. It is controlled by a standard, ruggedized (MIL-STD 810) touch screen controller. If it loses its radio link, it returns to its operator automatically. Amazingly, this tiny quadcopter is not hard to fly; it only takes four hours for an operator to learn how to fly.

You can check out the video below about the Snipe Nano Quadcopter UAS:

[Source: AeroVironment]

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