5 Ways to Make Money with Drones

The drone industry is beginning to grow far and wide, with thousands of enthusiasts and hobbyist joining the industry. As a result, these minds go through much thinking to come up with a wide range of opportunities in earning profit in the drone market. Most people enjoy the thrill and fun of flying drones around, checking out the streets below. They forgot that their investment in drones was not only just for the fun, but also they also get to make money out of the fun. Doing something you love while getting money for it is the best thing anyone can ask for. If you are really interested in job regarding drones, you can check out Droners.io.

Being creative can get you to places, including that if you are creative and innovative enough to think of something awesome by using drones. The possibilities are endless. Well, you will have to keep in mind that there are different aviation rules and regulations in every country. You wouldn’t want to get fined even before you see money coming your way. There are undeniably a lot more people than you can think of that has ventured outside their professions to get indulged in the world of drones, proving to many that drones are able to provide both profit and fun.

First, you must start everything from scratch by getting a black belt in flying drones; you don’t want to damage your drone while filming a video or shooting a picture, right? Next, you must know when to invest, depending on your choice of field. Sometimes investing in a good camera is worth the input; and sometimes you don’t really need a good one. Also, you would need to do some research on the various ideas that you plan and know how to do, or else you would be wasting your time and effort in repeating (and failing) the things you don’t know how to do. While failing is the best way to learn and also the step to success, be wise and realistic to do something you know really well, so that it doesn’t consume much of your time.

Here are the 5 ways you can make money by doing something you love:

#1 Aerial photography and videography

Aerial wedding photography and videography

Wedding_2-1024x623 5 Ways to Make Money with Drones

Wedding photography and videography is very popular, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for newly-weds to have a formal photography in a beautiful wedding dress and with the person you love. Thus they would want outstanding and extraordinary photos to remember their happy and unforgettable moments. Demand is considered quite high for aerial shots and competition is really tough. In order to get customers, you must master in taking shots, catching the right perspective.

If you’re looking for some inspiration in aerial wedding shots, you can check out Sky Vantage. It is a company that combines aerial wedding photography (on the day of the wedding) with a team on the ground to ensure all the perfect angles are taken.

Here are some tips to help you get by:

  • Make sure you work closely with the venue. You should know where the best place for the perfect shots is.
  • Try practicing taking pictures every day at venues you feel is going to be perfect for wedding photos and videos, and find the best perspective for every venue that you explore. So you’ll have lots of places to offer to the newly-wed.
  • Never fly directly over any customers as you may hurt someone during the process.
  • Know how cameras work. Avoid recording or taking pictures towards the sun, as well as dark places, as the photos and videos will be blurry.

If you are still a beginner at these kinds of things, especially taking good picture, then you should start researching ways to help you improve, and always practice, practice, practice, and do a few weddings and give a beginner’s discount. You must always keep in mind that there will always be another business trying to steal your clients. So be patient and everything will work out.

Selling aerial photos

aerial-photography-fort-bourtange-netherlands-1024x655 5 Ways to Make Money with Drones

This is the most common way to make money using drones. Millions of people have been involved in this industry due to being profitable. Although it may sound easy, it’s actually quite the opposite. If you are into video-making or video-editing, and also flying drones to get awesome stills and footage of places, then this might be a great way for you to grow. Getting awesome aerial shots are as hard as getting distinction for your exams. You may think your shots are perfect, someone else might think otherwise and criticize your work, so accept those criticism and work harder.

However, if you were to take on this job, you might need drones that are equipped with the necessary features, such as having a gimbal and a quality, high-definition camera. People are paying you for your masterpiece, so you should at least have the best input for a greater output. For instance, you can install a GoPro camera to your drone and take 4K Ultra HD videos and stills, especially outdoor sceneries.

Tips to get your business moving:

  • Research or explore places with beautiful sceneries, such as tourist attractions or famous landmarks. Explore the beauty that nature gives, and give them to those who pay for it.
  • Practice by shooting or filming your friends’ or families’ houses or properties, both indoor and outdoor. Once you know what kind of photos or videos you want to present, try them out in other places.
  • Learn to edit your photos. Avoid over-editing as it will ruin the whole picture. Instead, try light editing, like adjusting the saturation and sharpness.
  • Still, practice makes perfect.

As a beginner, you can also publish and sell your products online and on social media, as well as posting your videos on YouTube. Social media has been a really great platform for you to promote your products and sell them online. You can also get lots of followers and subscribers who love and appreciate your work. This step is vital for you to become a professional drone photographer and a person who know what others want. You’ll see money flowing into your pocket in no time.

Sports and events photography and videography

lead_large-1024x576 5 Ways to Make Money with Drones

This is a very interesting way to use your drone: filming sporting events from the air. It’s amazing enough to watch live footage of sport events in the television; what’s even better is that you can film your own video and post it up online. We’ve seen many sporting events shot by drones from above, from the Boston Marathon, ESPN’s X Game, to the Olympics and even Tour de France. Publishing your work online might get yourself lucky; you might be seen by professionals and get hired to help them with their films.

You must know how to control your drone to catch up with those fast-feet athletes. Also, getting a high quality is a plus when you film sporting events because people would definitely want to watch in HD of each and every movement of the athletes.

#2 Be an FPV driver 

parisdronefest-1024x683 5 Ways to Make Money with Drones

If there are car racing, horse racing and even pigeon racing (yes, I’m afraid it’s true), then i don’t see anything wrong with drone racing. And unbelievably, you can actually make a living out of drone racing. Ken Loo, a 31-year-old pilot from Hawthorne, also known as “Flying Bear,” says he and his wife willingly put off having kids so he can spend more time racing, and that he would definitely resign his high-paying job to be an FPV driver. This is an entirely different skill compared to aerial photography and videography. You must have sharp and quick reactions.

There’s even an annual festival dedicated for drones in France, known as the Paris Drone Festival in Champs-Elysees, which teaches the public about the safety of drones and also include a drone racing in first-person view. There are also numerous domestic leagues in the US and international competitions coming up. ESPN, a major TV network, has begun to buy into the sport, so you can definitely bet that there is going to be big prize money waiting for the champion to get their hands on them.

Earlier this year, a 16 year old from England won $250,000 in the Drone Grand Prix in Dubai. If he can, then why can’t you? All you need is enough practice and a super-fast drone in hand, and that huge amount of money will be yours to keep. If you are a pro, and joining each and every drone racing there are, imagine how much you’ll earn? Don’t get ahead of yourself, it’s just an IF; but there are endless possibilities, so practice flying your drone through obstacle-filled courses and you’ll be a pro in no time.

#3 Drone deliveries

drone-deliveryEDIT-850x476-1024x573 5 Ways to Make Money with Drones

Another way to make money out of drones is none other than drone delivery. Many delivery companies like Amazon and AliExpress have used drones as a purpose for delivery. Also, drones have been deployed to serve as a cargo delivery aerial vehicle to places unreachable by man or even other modes of transportation, such as delivering relief supplies and necessities to disaster zones and rural areas. Delivery via drones is fast and safe. Unfortunately, drones are unable to carry heavy loads while flying.

You can consider opening up a small stall and making deliveries straight to their doorstep. For instance, an ice cream stall at the beach in Mablethorphe, Lincolnshire delivers ice cream to their customers via drones. This approach encourages lots of interested customers and thus booming their sales record.

#4 Advertise real estate

The real estate industry is growing quickly and is incredibly the most profitable business (if you know what you’re doing). Drones are able to provide accurate aerial surveying of estates that helps people to buy and sell property. They offer views of luxurious real estates from above, so that your clients know exactly the worth of the property. Aerial vehicles are the best advertising tool there is, as they can capture everything that you want and give you a bird’s eye-view. There’ll be nothing you can’t see, which makes it great for real estate businesses.

You can start showcasing properties that’s worth more than a hundred thousand. Don’t only aim for high-end houses and mansions, aim also for golf courses, beachside/lakeside resorts, hotels, parks, hunting lodges, or ranches. With those real footage and pictures, you will gain trust and credibility by customers. As a beginner, you’d want to start by filming properties around your neighbourhood for practice.

Filming real estates can make you earn $500-$1,000 for a half-day shoot. That range of pay depends on a number of factors: whether you are providing indoor footage, or are you in charge of processing raw footage, etc.

You can also help hotels and resorts to advertise their property to attract more customers. What’s better than showing everyone videos and pictures of a spectacular hotel situated in the most beautiful scenery? People are attracted to wonderful places, places that wow their mind with the natural beauty. Nowadays, hotels and resorts are hiring UAV video companies to help them advertise their property, and they indeed are attracting more customers than usual.

#5 Security and aerial surveillance

aerial_surveying-1024x626 5 Ways to Make Money with Drones

Another mean of earning profit with the help of drones is providing security to people and surveying the air for potential threats. Security services, the police, and private investigators have been using drones to survey the land below. Drones are able to provide a bird eye-view to people patrolling the ground, and nothing can hide from the eyes of a drone, especially when the drones are equipped with infrared sensors. Drones now replace helicopters in aerial surveying, due to being easy to operate, light and able to provide live footage.

Well, a home security company, Sunflower Labs, developed a home security system with the use of drones. The drones are able to ask you if you would like to investigate when there is someone approaching your door. If you answer yes, then the drone will be deployed and provide live footage to your phone.

It is a good opportunity to open your own private company and offer surveillance services. But first, to earn money in this field, you must be skilled in surveying and must have a specific license.

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