Amazon Drones Hitching Rides on Other Vehicle

Amazon started delivering packages and items via drone delivery due to be more effective and efficient. The company recently signed a patent document disclosure on hitching rides for a portion of the journey on trucks, buses and other vehicle, a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows.

The patent application in March 2015 filed by the Amazon Prime Air executives described that their Amazon’s drone to hitch rides on other vehicle to get closer to their destination before taking off, or after completing their delivery and heading back to the Amazon headquarters. This approach will not only conserve energy, but also to give drone personnel options for emergency landings when the drone is facing technical problems or faults.

Amazon drones may not always be able to land on their own company’s delivery truck, so therefore Amazon forges an agreement with the transportation agencies and shipping companies to let their drones land on other vehicles. With identifying markings and GPS coordinates, Amazon drones are able to make a landing on specific vehicle.

amazon-prime-air-drone-late-2015-1024x593 Amazon Drones Hitching Rides on Other Vehicle

Amazon personnel will send a message to a driver or a transportation system, asking for approval from the driver himself if he or she allows the drone to land, giving him or her time to prepare for it and confirming with Amazon’s personnel when the drone has landed. If the drone’s battery is about to die or any technical malfunctions occurs, Amazon would plan to land the drone on the nearest available vehicle, and contact the driver for a meeting at a set location to retrieve the drone.

Landing the company’s drone requires a basket of factors to think about, including: vehicle path in relation to the package destination, timing of routes versus delivery time-frame; and travel speed of possible landing vehicle.

[Source: GeekWire]


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