Amazon Filed Patents for Ease of Using Drones in Indian Skies

Amazon has filed a patent for the use of drones to handle some of Amazon’s operations like package deliveries with the Indian Patent Office. The patent includes rights on multi-scale fiducials, black and white marks on any object for the unmanned self-operated aerial vehicle used to identify from different distances.

Fiducials means optically recognisable features which are generally used on computer vision applications. A fiducial marker is object placed in the field of view of an imaging system and is used as a point of reference or a measure. Some of the common types of fiducials include grids of black and white blocks of fixed size, generated randomly. It can be used for applications such as localisation, tracking and detecting orientation of objects. Fiducials markers, as they are called, are most commonly used in printed circuit board manufacturing, augmented reality, automated quality assurance among other things.

Since this is just filing of the patent applications, it does not immediately meant that Amazon has got permission to operate drones for delivery in India. But it is a sureshot indicator that Amazon is considering deloying this technology in India as well. It is already conducting trials in the UK where it is permitted to operate the drones in daylight hours when the weather conditions aren’t extreme and there is good visibility.


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