Amazon’s Ambition of Drone Deliveries Get Closer with Trump’s Orders

Drone deliveries is getting closer to being a reality when the US President, Donald Trump, issued an order giving governments more authority to conduct experiments of the burgeoning new technology.


President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order designed to speed the approval of drone flights over crowds and for longer distances. The administration says it wants to open new commercial uses for the aircraft and create jobs.


Trump’s order, a response to calls from companies making and using drones, will allow local governments to apply to the Federal Aviation Administration for waivers allowing them to conduct tests of deliveries, drone air-traffic systems, long-range flights and other uses generally prohibited under current rules, Kratsios said.


“Amazon supports the administration’s efforts to create a pilot program aimed at keeping America at the forefront of aviation and drone innovation,” Gur Kimchi, vice president of Amazon Prime Air, said in a statement.


The program allows local officials to have input into drone operations in their communities “without infringing on the U.S. government’s jurisdiction over the national airspace,” said Brian Wynne, president and chief executive officer of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.


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