Cargo Drones Deliver Medical Supplies in the Amazon Rainforest

  • Showing the kids in Pampa Hermosa what's helping them get by snakebites
  • The team will land back in the Amazon this week to carry out further deliveries
  • The lightweight, foam-bodied drones

Considering making deliveries in the thick Amazonian rainforest, no doubt it’ll be quite the challenge. Communities in these remote parts of the world often depend on boats and endless river to get around and getting their necessities. More often than not, residents of these sparsely populated communities rarely have reliable access to medical supplies and public health services. WeRobotics, a non-profit organization, seeks to deploy cargo drones to help overcome the main problem faced by these residents, that is, the need of rapid access to medical supplies.

Teaming up with the Peruvian Ministry of Health and local doctors, WeRobotics conduct field tests with drones to deliver anti-venom to snakebites from the town of Contamana to a remote village to Pampa Hermosa, which covers about 40 kilometres (25 miles). Sending goods over to the village takes up to 6 hours on a regular canoe, while drones only take around 35 minutes in a single journey, successfully landing in a football field at the village. Local doctors reported an average of 45 snakebites a month, normally without rapid access to anti-venom.

WeRobotics prefers to use affordable (US$3,000) and locally repairable fixed-wing mapping drones that can be repurposed as a cargo drone, instead of expensive, high-technology cargo drones. The drones used are lightweight with a foam body. WeRobotics will carry out further deliveries, expanding the range to beyond 100 km (62 miles).

Utilising drone to carry goods over long distances and rough terrains have been increasingly valuable in remote areas. Zipline Drone Company developed a drone to help deliver medical supplies to help victims in Rwanda, a remote village in Africa. Also, drones have been used in disaster zones, delivering life-saving supplies.

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You can check out the video below for more information on WeRobotics:

[Source: WeRobotics]

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