CASA Strengthens Drone Rules, Toughens Fines

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has toughened drone safety drones by governing drone flights, especially around airports. CASA intends to increase fines up to $10,500 for those who break the beefed-up safety regulations. These rules have already been contravened around the Port Macqaurie airport precinct.  according to CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Shane Carmody,


“The drone safety rules have been tightened in response to community concerns about the safety of drones and the rapid growth in drone numbers,” he said.


“The new requirements are set out in an interim formal direction that will apply until a full review of the drone regulations is completed.


Mr Carmody said recreational drones must be flown below 400 feet at all times, kept more than 30 metres from people who are not involved in controlling the drone and only one drone can be flown at a time.


All drones – recreational and non-recreational – must now be kept away from areas where fire, police or other emergency operations are underway unless there is approval from the person in charge of the emergency operation.




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