CCROV Drone Shoots 4K Videos Underwater

Drones are always giving us never-ending surprises, from mini-drones to drones dedicated for filming. Recently, underwater drones have been very popular nowadays like the Fathom One which was launched on Kickstarter a few days ago and surpass their fundraising target. Now, another water drone, the CCROV shelves itself in the Indiegogo crowd funding. What’s awesome about this underwater drone is that it has a 4K at 25fps ultra-high definition video recording capabilities, which also supports VR goggles, allowing users to experience diving into the deep without getting wet.

Developed by the Chinese start-up CCROV, it comes with six underwater propulsions, including four horizontal two vertical thrusters,, which is two to three more than most ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicles). It allows the drone to gain flexibility and stability. The drone can cover depths up to 1.5 meters per second and needs a charging time of 90 minutes for an hour of continuous sailing.

ccrov-drone-underwater CCROV Drone Shoots 4K Videos Underwater

ccrovunderwater-drone CCROV Drone Shoots 4K Videos Underwater

At present, the highest resolution for underwater video recording is only 720p or 1080p, but the CCROV drone can record videos up to 4K ultra HD. It is capable of capturing images and rich details in the mysterious depths of the ocean, making it ideal for reconnaissance and rescue missions. It has a volume of 208 x 204 x 130 mm and weighs 4.48kg. Comparing to diving equipment, the CCROV drone is considered light.

All electronic components in the drone are stored inside a waterproof, aluminium capsules to prevent damage due to high pressure underwater. The CCROV drone requires a 20-100m cable to operate, which is associated with TDS (Tether Deployment System) for transmission of data. At the same time, the cable is also to pull the drone one way or another. It can be connected via Wi-Fi with your smartphone or tablet and also your VR goggles, allowing you to have a first-person view of the ocean.

ccrovdrone-1024x576 CCROV Drone Shoots 4K Videos Underwater

Can be connected to VR glasses

ccrov-drone-1024x576 CCROV Drone Shoots 4K Videos Underwater

Requires a cable to function

Most ROVs worth more than $20,000, but the CCROV drone is totally affordable. At a launching price of $1,599, it is raising its funds in Indiegogo, which will also start their shipping estimated next year April.

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