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Cheerson CX-10WD Review

With their line of mini and nano quadcopters already succeeding and reaching heights- both literally and figuratively- Cheerson has released yet another model –CHEERSON CX-10WD that is an even further improved and honed version of the previous quadcopters they have introduced in the market, including Cheerson CX-10D and CX-10W.

I had been hearing the new model’s praises for a while now, and i wondered what all the fuss was about; what had Cheerson done different this time around that many had started deeming it the most refined nano quadcopter created by Cheerson as of yet. Ultimately, curiosity got the best of me and i just couldn’t not get my hands on one of these tiny, camera yielding drones. And i can say with certainty, that i received more than i thought i would.

cx-10wd-Package Cheerson CX-10WD Review

Along with being one of the smallest drones in the world, it also boasts certain features unseen before in previous models of their nano quadcopter series that make flying such nimble and nifty pieces that much easier. The first thing i noticed about the product when it arrived to me was that despite there being not very many changes, it looked different from any of the other ones in their line, including the Cheerson CX-10D. You could say that the style of the craft was somewhat similar to CX-10W, but CX-10WD has the most futuristic and minimalistic look of them all- a white base for the body of the controller, with subtle hints of colors such as gold and grey running through. The quad, on the other hand, is a not-too-over-empowering golden, while it is available in two more colors: grey and red. Overall, the quad had quite a sleek and tidy look to it, making it all the more attractive and giving more options with the color compared to other quads.

The one thing that strikes right away is the fact that it can be operated using either of two modes: the transmitter or your own smartphone. You can either simply use the controller to maneuver and utilize the drone, or, owing to installation of a WiFi system, you can scan the code provided with the package, download the application, and connect your phone to the controller to use the smartphone remote control function that is provided by Cheerson in this model. The application is compatible with both, iOS and Android systems, so it will most likely work for most looking to get this drone.

cx-10wd-with-phone-1024x768 Cheerson CX-10WD Review

I think this version of the mini quadcopter ensures that drone flying becomes convenient and easy. Upon trying it out, i found that the aircraft was incredibly facilitating and hassle-free to use, and stayed under my control for more than ninety percent of the time. This is owed to the fact that this version has an altitude control mode- meaning you can forget about the height that the aircraft is present on and only focus on the basic right-left or forward-backward movements. Not only is this quite helpful for beginners, who do not have much experience with drone flying, to get accustomed to this enjoyable hobby, but is also fun for experienced flyers as they can simply and easily use the quadcopter for its function.

Which brings us to its image taking and video recording capability. I must say, i was pleasantly surprised to view the first few photos i had taken of my backyard using the CX-10WD.  The camera is only 0.3 MP, reasonable considering the size of the aircraft, and there are quite a few blurs and distortions in the images and videos you might take using the quadcopter. Yet the quality is more than acceptable when taken into consideration that this mini copter costs less than even $60.

cx-10wd-on-hand Cheerson CX-10WD Review

It is incredibly light, weighing in at a mere 18 grams, making it the lightest quadcopter in the market. You can store your tiny aircraft in a transparent compartment located right in the middle of a controller that is comfortable to use and quite easy to figure out after the first few tries. So you can conveniently carry it around everywhere without having to worry about damaging your quadcopter. Add to that the fact that the quad possesses LED lights for when flying in the dark and that you can view live video feed from its camera if you connect your smartphone.

7.5 Total Score

There is no doubt that CX-10WD is the best one Cheerson has produced so far in their mini drone line and is recommended for both, beginners just testing the waters, or experts wanting to have some fun.

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User Rating: 3.75 (1 votes)
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This little guy is actually pretty fun to fly, and it's a good place to start if you want to check out what it's like to fly a quad with altitude hold.I really like the flips that CX-10's (and clones) produce and they tend to be pretty stable and responsive while not being too twitchy.I could go on and on about how great the CX-10 quads are, but you'd just end up wondering why I gave it a 2star.Well it's because of the 1 thing that makes this model unique to the others, and I'm not talking about the altitude hold.The transmitter is easily the worst part of this package. while it's nice that it has a compartment for the drone, and that the arms can be extended out, and it has 1-touch takeoff/land buttons, that's about where it ends. Models/clones cheaper than this still have a holding compartment in the Tx, and some even have a cord to charge the drone from the TX, furthermore the internal wiring/assembly is just not really well thought out well.After a handful of weeks of use my drone would not respond to yaw inputs and was continually just spinning. This ONLY happened, however, when using the Tx, and not when using a phone/tablet to control it.I tried looking online for information (I thought maybe the poorly done manual missed out on some sort of calibration or mode or something), but couldn't find anything and came to the conclusion that it was not an issue of settings or buttons.As my last ditch effort I opened up the left arm of the Tx and much to my NOT surprise one of the wires was split open and frayed and from what I can tell this had to do with the fact that they ran across the part where the arm moves in and out, a major design flaw of an otherwise nice feature.Read more ›
August 19, 2016
For the price, it's a great deal. The camera is .3 megapixels so it's not like it's a DJI Phantom or anything. The drone is super small and sounds like an army of gnats coming to eat you alive, it gives off a lot a wind for something so small that it will fit in the palm of your hand. The remote control is not as easy to work as some of the other smaller drones I have flown. In fact I hit a bunch of walls before figuring out how to control it. The props are sturdy and have withstood those walls, carpet, floor, and a cereal box on the fridge. When paired with the wifi app on a phone it renders the handheld remote worthless and flying is then done by the controls on the phone screen. When flown by the phone the response time is slower than when you use the remote control. It comes with 4 extra propeller blades, the phone holder that snaps into the handheld remote that also doubles as the storage spot for the drone. The phone holder will not hold an iPhone 6s Plus that is in Speck case, so I just hold my phone in my hand when I am using it. It has red and blue lights that so far stay lit all the time and when the battery is low they constantly flash like a police car is coming up behind you. Flight time is 4-5 minutes on a full battery, it doesn't sound like a lot but honestly by the time the battery died I was getting annoyed with the high pitch whining sound it was making and I had learned to the controls in that short time. It's more like a novelty to pull out on drunken card nights to show off how well you can fly before you send it up into the ceiling fan and then laugh about it when it falls down and be amazed that the props are still intact, or to annoy the dogs/cats with when you bored and there is nothing on tv. OVer all I am satisfied with the purchase and happy with the entertainment it has provided thus far,*I did receive a discount for my honest review
August 24, 2016
I am an expert quad flyer with three years’ plus experience flying everything from basic Cheersons, racing FPV 250 class to DJI Phantoms. After a day or so, I found the quad unusually difficult to control in the house. As expected the pix quality is not great. Battery life is maybe 3 minutes. (Awful) Documentation is excellent and I am sure that I can work a few bugs out of my flying. I don’t recommend for inexperienced quad fliers.
July 20, 2016
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REALACC Cheerson CX-10WD Mini Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera High...

Has latest mobile phone WIFI remote control mode, support IOS/Android, you can scan QR code to get the APP; Has 0.3MP camera, can take video and pictures; With high density air presure sensor which ...

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I love this drone. I've used bigger drones before, but never something so tiny. And incredibly, I have the best control with this little guy! Now, you do have the option to control it with your smartphone, however, I have found that to be a pain. Nevertheless, I use the app to get a live feed on my phone, which you can attach on top of the controller. It's extremely simple to use, and took me just a few minutes to learn. While you can take this drone outside, it's much better to keep it inside. The reason I say this is because it's so easy to control, you won't have any trouble navigating the drone around. However, if you take it outside, you risk losing it, because if the sun's in your face or something, it could very easily disappear. I would totally recommend this to anyone, in fact, it's a great gift idea as well.Sample provided for evaluation and review.
July 30, 2016
This neat nano quad is packed with exciting features which you would not imagine could be contain in a quadcopter of its size.It has got altitude hold and a WIFI FPV system embedded within. Well, perfect for some BlackOps spy mission? 😉 First of all I would like to applaud Cheeerson for bringing back the physical controller after it was missing for the past couple of models namely the CX-10W. Not only it has brought back the physical controller but they have added a special touch to it. As seen in the unboxing section of the promotional video, it features a compartment which is able to house the nano quad itself. Well this isn't really a new feature as some other manufacturers have earlier adopted this feature. But Cheerson has exceeded them in one aspect which is the transmitter is able to extend. Bygone are the days where people with large hands like mine are deprived from enjoying nano quads to the fullest experience. IN this model you could actually adjust the width of your transmitter to your liking. Now lets move on to the flying aspect, does it fly well? It is overall a decent flier. Not a super sporty flier but it sure packs a lot of power in its motors. You could hear the motors roar very loudly when its airbourne to keep the quadcopter flying. In terms of pitch and yaw rates it is a bit lacking in my opinion. Should there programmed more angle and a faster yaw rate this would be an even more fun piece of machine. Please be advised that when filming this video, the weather permits the quad to be flown outdoors. I strongly do not advise people to fly this quad in extreme windy conditions as it will have a hard time cutting through the wind and bears a great risk of being blown away. Not a night flier as well as the lights arent bright enough. Altitude hold works fairly well for this quad.Read more ›
July 21, 2016
None better for beginner.Altitude Hold is MUST for beginners.Easy to lose. Take care.Should have "Headless Mode" so the camera can be turned 360 with no changes in pitch/roll direction control.
August 29, 2016

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