Chinese Farmers Uses Crop-Dusting Drones to Yield Ample Harvest

Drones used for agricultural purposes can really save lives of diseased or parched crops thanks to new sensor arrays and more advanced software. Now in China, they are now reaping new subsidies from the government to invest in crop-dusting drones. Many farmers offers drone services to their neighbors is proved to be more lucrative than tending to their home fields.


“I was planning to use the drone on my own fields, but nearly 90 percent of farmers in my hometown paid me to use it for crop-dusting operations on their fields,” rice grower Wen Bohua said in an interview with Chinese news site Caixin.


Wen originally bought a $20,000 drone from Guangzhou-based drone manufacturer Xaircraft with the intent of spraying his 50-acre farm. After word spread of his amazing new aerial technique, Wen has now sprayed more than 1,600 acres in his home province of Hubei.


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Image via Drone Life

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