Disney Is Creating REAL Lightsabers for Star Wars Land

For those Star Wars fans out there, your dream might be coming true this instant because Disney is bringing the fictional lightsabers from Star Wars to reality! Tourists and visitors to Star Wars Land can be transformed into your favourite Jedi Knight and get involve in battles just like what you saw in your favourite movie! Be first in line and join the battle with your friends to fight drones that have minds of their own.

Drones and special props

starwarsland-1024x884 Disney Is Creating REAL Lightsabers for Star Wars Land

Disney has filed a patent document (US 20160201888 A1)  entitled the “audience interactive projection system” that allows park guests to get hold of the lightsabers and wield them. As the name suggests, a person will have to interact with projected images emitted by drones, making stormtroopers and oncoming Imperial ships look real and 3D. The patent is described as:

“A process and system capture invisible radiation that is reflected or emitted from an object to precisely locate the object. The process and system project visible light from a light source toward the object such that the light is precisely targeted at the object. Preferably, the visible light passes through an atmosphere containing particulate matter rendering the visible light as a beam that appears to emanate from the object rather than from the light source.”

Well, the virtually real lightsabers can’t exactly cut off hands or slice a Darth Maul in half, Disney is just trying to create something like this:

starwars-land Disney Is Creating REAL Lightsabers for Star Wars Land

And not this:

starwars Disney Is Creating REAL Lightsabers for Star Wars Land

There is a lot of technical nonsense in making the lightsaber work. “We continuously innovate and file hundreds of patents that may or may not have any business unit application,” said a Disney Parks representative. “We have nothing to announce about this at this time.”

No matter the lightsabers are real or fake, being able to interact with Star Wars characters and battle with them is already insanely cool. Well, may the force be with you.

[Source: PatentYogi]

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