DJI Mavic – The Foldable Drone

Rumours about DJI’s newest drone – the DJI Mavic drone – is bringing ‘mini’ to a whole new level. The drone has an ingenious design, being able to fold the four-axis rotors to its body and keeping it at pocket size. A video was ‘rumoured’ and spread to the public (allegedly) from Italy about the folding design of the DJI Mavic and how it works.

Well, the DJI Mavic was rumoured to have the following features.

  • Foldable design
  • 4K camera
  • 2 axis gimbal
  • 3380mAh battery
  • Android powered controller
  • Weighs 1.43 pounds / 650g (making it the lightest in all the DJI drone series!)
  • 4K video recording feature support
  • 2-axis gimbal (for stabilisation)

According to the China drone company, word is that the drone is expected to launch in these few days (September 15th, to be exact). Here’s a video on how people think the DJI Mavic drone actually looks like and how the design works:

The drone’s four-axis arm is almost the length of its body, which is why we think that is how the arms actually fit in to the small body size. There are several other drones that are able to ne folded, like the Zerotech Dobby and the Xiro Ying, but DJI is actually creating one foe their series.

dobby-1-1024x484 DJI Mavic – The Foldable Drone

The foldable Dobby drone

xiro-ying-drone-1024x570 DJI Mavic – The Foldable Drone

The foldable Xiro Ying drone

[Source: RC Drone Arena]

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