DJI Spark Gets New Gesture Control Update

When the Chinese drone company releases its new DJI Spark back in May, and what’s making it unique compared to other drones is the set of gesture controls that allow users to ditch the joysticks and fly it just by simply moving their hands. DJI has now rolled out a firmware update that adds more functionality to the drone, including the ability to stop and start recording videos or taking pictures with a hand gestures.

DJI Spark has a built-in sensor that can help it to detect objects up to five meters (16 ft) away, along with the flapping of the hands, it can be made to fly autonomously, snap or record videos and come back down without even touching the remote control.

dji-spark-update-5 DJI Spark Gets New Gesture Control Update

The new gesture control update allows video recording to be switched on and off during mid-flight with the same handsfree approach. As long as the user is within two meters (6.5 ft) of the drone, users can start recoding by raising their arms to the side at an approximately 45-degree angle to the ground. The red LED on the front of the drone will start blinking to signal that it is recording. It same gesture turns it off again.

The DJI Spark also has added improvements like the intelligent flight modes, which allows users to control the flight direction of the drone as it autonomously circles around an object or spirals upwards and away. It also has a Dronie mode, which takes selfies from greater heights and Rocket mode, which grab smoother footage while flying directly upwards with the camera facing down. Another additional feature is the ability to create 180-degree photo panoramas, which are formed by stitching 21 individual images together.

DJI says that the drone’s flight is also improved through the firmware update, making it more responsive to the remote controller and stronger connection between the remote controller and the drone.

The update is now available, though users will need to update to the latest DJI’s companion GO 4 smartphone app.

[Source: DJI]

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