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The Drone For Everyone: DJI Phantom 4

Maybe one fine evening you decided to take a stroll in the park near your house and happened to come across these futuristic spaceships being flown in the air by someone with a set of controls in their hands. Or maybe you are the person with the set of controls in their hands, flying the futuristic spaceships in the air one fine evening at the park near your house. These futuristic spaceships, known as drones, are the talk of the decade and these unmanned pieces of aircraft are not only being used commercially, but also by individuals for their personal purposes.

While flying these drones gives you the thrilling experience of manning an aerial vehicle and controlling a machine at your will, it can also do much more than that. The latest drones come equipped with high quality cameras that record and capture wonderful videos and stills you may not be able to obtain without the help of a flying piece of technology whose movements can be precisely controlled with a controller that remains in your hands.

dji_phantom_4_intro-1024x576 The Drone For Everyone: DJI Phantom 4

Being someone who takes great pleasure in flying and keeping up to date with the latest releases in drone technology, I was thrilled to see that after three brilliant and groundbreaking installments, DJI Phantom 4 was soon going to be up on sale. Needless to say, I had to become the proud owner of one of these beauties.

The DJI Phantom 4 establishes its air of specialty right away with its conservative packing- a simple grey Styrofoam box that promises great things to be. Despite the simplicity it exudes form the exterior, it seems anything but simple once the lid has been removed. The controllers, chargers, batteries, propellers, and the majestic drone sit meticulously arranged, ready to be used.

dji-phantom-4-08-1024x576 The Drone For Everyone: DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 3

The drone itself is made out of plastic and is a major improvement over the Phantom 3 in terms of shape, size and weight. The frame is thinner and is much more aerodynamic, its lighter weight making it easier to fly and able to be operated with accurate precision. The surface is white and glossy, and is dominated by smooth curves that give it an exquisite and expensive look.

The overall chassis of the device is much smaller compared to earlier designs and so takes up less battery life. This way it is more portable and can last a longer time without having to be plugged in to the charger again, which is a major benefit.

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But the greatest feature on the new DJI Phantom 4 are probably the two optical cameras present on the nose of the device that sense large objects in the drone’s way and avoid crashing into them. The worst feeling in the world for a drone fanatic is to watch his or her expensive piece of aerial technology colliding face first with a tree and breaking apart into pieces as it falls to the ground. With this addition to the drone, objects present right in front of it can be duly avoided.

maxresdefault1-1-1024x576 The Drone For Everyone: DJI Phantom 4

Live video footage from DJI Phantom 4

DJI-Phantom-3-Pro-Controller-1-630-1024x683 The Drone For Everyone: DJI Phantom 4

Can be connected to your mobile device

The Phantom 4 also allows you to connect to your mobile device using applications such as Active Trak and trace the path of any object using the sky cam on the drone. Using TapFly with the drone allows you to simply tap on an object and follow it around everywhere it goes, making it extremely handy for some. Another addition to the Phantom’s features that makes it all the more fantastic, is its Sport Mode. With a speed gauge that can hit up to 45 miles per hour and climb 20 feet per second, there is nothing more exciting than watching the drone race across a threshold lightning fast in front of your eyes. This can be beneficial if the user wants to film a race or a chase.

Add to these features its incredible stability, and you have a drone that has a life of its own. Blessed with a diverse array of sonar sensors on its undersurface, the drone is suitable of being used indoors as much as it is outdoors. Its video and still image quality remains top notch nonetheless, with almost zero vibration or shaking in recorded footage and is capable of withstanding harsher wind and weather without being thrown off its hinges.


p4_728*90-fab2abfc55adc23936d06b005a965c2bbf4b775d56960dfe756d4db3320adcc5 The Drone For Everyone: DJI Phantom 4

9 Total Score

The Phantom 4 has been deemed the best of the Phantom series released by the DJI and I must agree wholesomely. The quad’s impeccable design and polished features truly make the experience of flying one of the most wonderful and exciting ones. With its easy-to-use features, it might just be the drone that both experts and beginners alike can use for enjoyment and advantage.

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