Drone Piloting Set for Stricter Rules in Japan

On 4th November, a drone accident has occurred which injured three people at an event in Gifu Prefecture . The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry has decided to strengthen safety standardsa nd stricter rules in flying those unmanned aerial vehicles. Drone pilots are obliged to comply with the regulations, whihc includes a certain minimum distance between drones from groups of people.


The drone — 85 centimeters wide and 55 centimeters tall — was being used to drop sweets when it lost balance and crashed, mildly injuring three people.


The current standards ban drones from flying directly above spectators at events and other gatherings, and stipulate that drones should maintain an appropriate distance. However, they do not say specifically how close drones can get to spectators.


Until the new standards take effect, the ministry is calling on operators to take provisional measures, such as tying ropes to drones that are then tied to the ground or other places to make sure they can only fly within a certain range, and setting up nets or other items to prevent drones from colliding with spectators.


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