Drone That Scatters Ashes of Your Loved Ones – MesoLoft Balloon

MesoLoft utilises high altitude balloons to deliver your loved one’s ashes up to Earth’s stratosphere, which is 15-20 miles away from Earth’s surface. This approach is called “release and remember” that will result ashes of your loved ones falling back to Earth in the course of several months.


The Flight To Remember Foundation gives those unable to leave their beds one last chance to virtually visit cherished areas from their childhoods by having a licensed drone pilot navigate a camera-equipped UAV wherever the client wishes them to, and streaming the footage back to the client’s hospice room.


There are also those on the other end of that journey where someone has passed on. But drones can still help send someone off right and help their relatives grieve appropriately. In other words, while the Flight To Remember Foundation might give someone the illusion of taking one last journey via drone, MesoLoft actually takes you on that final trip.


So how exactly does this work? Naturally, this entire process is recorded by two high-definition GoPro cameras from start to finish, which provides family members with a high-quality video of the moment their loved one’s ashes were scattered around the globe. The balloon’s journey takes about two hours in total, with launches typically taking place in Bend, Oregon. Though, MesoLoft seems more than willing to travel elsewhere, as long as costs and various other agreements are solidified beforehand. The balloon is tracked via GPS and retrieved without issue once its mission is complete. In the end, client’s can receive not only the footage recorded during flight, but a highlight reel, the shroud that contained the ashes, photographs from that day, and a dedicated blog post on MesoLoft’s website.



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