Drones Could Change Agricultural Landscape for the Better

Attendees at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) have discovered that drones are going to be big business in the near future. A remote pilot instructor, Kelby Cheyne, from TRemote Aviation Australia gave a talk to around 100 attendees of the Forthside Vegetable Research Facility event on how drone can be used in agriculture perspectives.


Mr Cheyne said Remote Aviation Australia was running courses for people who wanted to train as drone pilots, whether for helping their own businesses, like farms, or starting new businesses altogether.


“We thought when we started this that we would get mostly real estate agents doing property shoots, but the last course we had technical engineers, fisherman and we had someone who has CASA [Civil Aviation Safety Authority] approval to run drone operations,” Mr Cheyne said.


Those wishing to fly remote aircraft, like drones, are taught to use line of sight flying because it is safer and allows greater control.


Remote Aviation Australia director Ryan McMahon said agricultural producers used drones for checking on crop health and spraying crops, but others used them for photography.


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