Drones Helping Out in Newsgathering, Require responsibility

While many professionals and amateurs take drones for sky-high photography and delivering companies make use of this power to deliver packagaes, one of the most recent applications of drones is newsgathering. The FAA sets rules for the usage of drones into two distinct categories, that is, hobbyist use and commercial use.


During a demonstration at the Madison Area Radio Control Society, or MARCS, field, east of Cottage Grove, Toms went through a long checklist to ensure his drone was in working order and safe to use.


He said while other drone operators may not be as meticulous, he wants to ensure he has made every effort to operate his drones in a safe manner.


Katy Culver, director at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Journalism Ethics, has done research for about five years on drone use in newsgathering.  She said the use of drones in news has exploded since she first started.


“When I started, people would look at me like, ‘What?'” she said. “Now, everyone seems to know why drones might be useful in journalism.”



Image via Channel 3000

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