Drones to the Rescue – Aiding the 15th Century Cathedral

Drone technology has advanced since a long time ago, making people from all sorts of background trying way to have drones leverage the capabilities of making their jobs safer and more efficient. Now, Intel has started its journey in recovering the wear and tear on a 15th century German cathedral.  In collaboration with Bauhaus University Weimer and Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Ahalt, Intel plans to use their Intel Falcon 8+ in restoring the Halberstadt Cathedral.

Though damage to the Halberstadt Cathedral was repaired in the decades after World War II, the historical structure has since seen plenty of deterioration simply from environmental conditions. Using drones for inspection rather than traditional condition surveys and structural health monitoring makes the surveys easier and less costly to conduct. The imaging-based drone inspection is also a non-invasive way to get at fragile, hard-to-reach structures—particularly important because of the delicate condition of the Gothic-style church and its artwork.

“Advanced technology, like the Intel Falcon 8+ drone, provides enormous potential for structural monitoring,” said Norman Hallermann, a research associate on the faculty of civil engineering at Bauhaus University Weimar. “Working with Intel drone technology has allowed us to reach previously inaccessible spaces, like the cathedral’s bell towers.”

Much of the potential for making drones even more worthwhile will come from improved analysis of the data that the drones gather. At the cathedral, the Intel Falcon 8+ drone captured nearly 1,000 detailed images (and additional footage) in less than an hour of total flight time. That data was post-processed to generate precise 3D structural models for the team to analyze.


Well, at least people are using these unmanned aerial vehicles to do good around the world instead of using them to deploy deadly weapons.


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