Drones Scan Perth’s Beaches for Sharks

Sharks can now be detected for easily with the help of drones. Shark Alert International, a Western Australia-based company has come up with a shark detection system which can be installed to drones and used in beaches. The drones is equipped with military-grade cameras that can ‘X-ray’ the waters can alert a swimmer via the swimmer’s smartwatch.


Beach trials will begin in WA in December, with a drone and helicopter fitted with the camera to detect sharks during snapper spawning season in Cockburn Sound.


Shark Alert is also in talks with surf lifesaving authorities in WA and on the east coast for the technology to be used on existing helicopter and drone patrols.


Shark Alert managing director Chris Gurtler said his company had teamed up with US-based Advanced Coherent Technology, an enterprise that has previously used drone-mounted cameras and software to detect Russian submarines for the US Navy and find military targets in Afghanistan.


He said an initial trial of the cameras mounted on a light plane and used to detect a 2.4m dummy shark in California had detected the shark “100 per cent of the time” at depths of about 5m.



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