Drones Seen Flying into Scottish Prisons Multiple Times

Drones have been seen flying around the Scottish Prison perimeter 22 times over the past two years. Freedom of Information laws show that the drones flying around the prison perimeter has five of the occasion containing drugs and mobile phones, while the others are unexplained and have not been recovered or identifies as carrying anything suspicious.


A packet of 36 unnamed tablets was found at Barlinnie in Glasgow in October 2016, while two separate drones were found to be carrying a total of six mobile phones into HMP Perth in September last year.


A spokeswoman said: “The Scottish Prison Service is aware of the potential for drones or quad-copters to be used illegally and various methods are deployed to prevent contraband from entering our establishments.


A Scottish Government spokesman echoed that position. He said: “The Scottish Prison Service is responsible for the safety and security of prisons and, in liaison with partners, ensures that a range of methods are deployed to prevent or capture contraband entering these establishments.


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