Drones Tested to Speed Up Crash Scene Investigations

The Washington state patrol now has something up their sleeves to cut down time for them to investogate traffic accidents, that is, by utilising drones. Detectives are now learning to fly drones that the agency believe could save a lot of time, money and energy, as investigators have to close down freeways during crashes.


Detectives Kevin Nelson and Eric Gunderson practiced their unmanned aerial vehicle piloting skills at a mock crash scene. The two are some of the first of what could be several licensed and trained drone pilots at the state patrol.


The agency’s goal is to improve safety for troopers on the ground and cut down the time roads are closed for crash scene investigations.


The drones give detectives a bird’s eye view of crash scenes and once uploaded into a laptop, the data reveals precise measurements for investigators.

It is their ultimate goal for the state patrol to use drones across the state if the drone pilot program is a success. Check out the video below from Q13 News to see the agency’s troopers in training.



Image via Q13 News

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