DroneSeed: Seed-bombing Startup to Fight Deforestation

Drones used to help replant forests – the fast and smart way.

Forests are Earth’s lungs. It provides us with all the essential resources all life needs, and also removes unwanted greenhouse gases. But people clear and ravaged them to satisfy their greed for money and power, not taking a minute to reconsider the consequences.

It has become essential to replant trees, and revive the forests and jungles. But easy said than done. Replanting trees are both cost and time consuming, needing human manual labor and expensive equipment. It can sometimes be dangerous as people would need to plant trees in remote areas. That’s why the co-founders and developers of DroneSeed, Grant Canary and Ryan Mykita, found a way.

“The way trees are planted today is shocking. You have people with shovels trying to walk up these crazy terrains. Drones let us do it cheaper and more efficiently and that’s going to make a big difference in saving the environment,” says Lauren Kozak, DroneSeed’s spokesperson.

Drone technology can reduce the cost and quicken the process of reforestation. The two lauched DroneSeed a year ago in Oregon, coincidentally also the first state that require replanting of trees. DroneSeed is installed with a sensor that can create 3D maps of logged areas. The sensors help identify where trees will have a better chance of survival, called ‘micro-sites’, then use the same drones to fire custom-designed seed capsules. The seed pods contains a mix of fertilizers, hydrogels and pest deterrents.

BioCarbon-Engineering-1024x555 DroneSeed: Seed-bombing Startup to Fight Deforestation

The DroneSeed is more effective than a human work crew. It is safe to operate and more affordable, not needing many laborers and planting equipment. The drones are equipped with a mini-cannon that fire seeds up to 350 feet per second, which is faster than your typical paintball gun and BB gun. The DroneSeed can plant up to 800 seeds an hour, unlike human who can only plant 800 seeds in a day. It can cover an acre of forest, which is about 30 minutes, in 1.5 hours when on a full battery.

Anyone who wishes to support the project, can donate or help raise funds in CAUSA Clothing, from Berlin, with their Seed Bomber T-shirt. The funds will be donated to the project which will help in developing more DroneSeeds to conserve the environment.

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