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Facebook Brings Everything to a New Era of VR

If you feel like you’re missing out on Facebook’s tech news, then you might not know about the new Facebook 360-degree VR videos, now with VR emoji reactions. Have you realized there’s something missing in the 360-degree videos? Well, they lack the ability to react with emoji reactions. But now the social network lets you add those animated emoji(s) in the Newsfeed to Facebook 360 videos, with only a tap of your fingers in VR. Now watching 360-degree videos using Samsung Gear VR can get a little less lonely.

Plus, since no one can be seen commenting when watching the video using Gear VR, the emoji reactions can let people convey their messages and emotions without breaking the momentum of the video.

Since Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus Rift for US$2 billion a couple of years ago, he is slowly bringing all Facebook users closer to the world of VR, from 360-degrees immersive videos to watching them using Gear VR. In order to view or use emoji reactions, you will need to update your Oculus Video app on Gear VR and make sure your Facebook account is connected.

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