Flybrix DIY Drone – Build a Drone with Legos

Everyone would like to own a drone, and you are only able to build one using your old lego blocks. It’s fake and you know it doesn’t work. But hey, good news for you! Introducing Flybrix, the do-it-yourself drone kit that actually makes your lego drone work and fly. It is both affordable and accessible.

The drone is 90% LEGO

US start-up company, Flybrix recently released a build-a-drone kit for kids above 14 years old. It comprise of Lego bricks of various shapes and sizes, boom-arm bricks, propellers and motors that don’t need much procedures to assemble and some other Flybrix-designed parts which are manufactured in China and the United States. After just a simple pull of a wire and cables to the pre-programmed Arduino-compatible flight control  circuit board and a creative combination of Lego bricks, the DIY drone lets you experience a sense of self accomplishment.

The Flybrix drone is meant to be flown indoors, as it is not as powerful and stable like other drones; a blow of a wind would send it flying and crashing. The Lego drone is durable to impact, meaning that it can be assembled again if the parts fall apart upon any catastrophic collisions.

Flybrix-796x398-1024x512 Flybrix DIY Drone – Build a Drone with Legos

Eight-axis Lego drone

flybrix-lego-drone-1024x576 Flybrix DIY Drone – Build a Drone with Legos

Flybrix deluxe edition (with remote controller)

The Flybrix can be assembled into four, six and eight axis, depending on your own preference and choice. The drone has a flying time of around 5 to 7 minutes. It is not recommended for you to add in too many Lego blocks, as it can reduce flying time and speed. After all, it is not officially a Lego manufactured drone. All those Lego bricks are from recycled second-hand, as Flybrix stated, in addition of reduce costs and avoid Lego blocks to be wasted and sent to the landfills.

Compatible with smartphones and remote control

There are two version of the Flybrix drone: a basic version controlled via Bluetooth with the Flybrix iOS and Andriod apps, and the advanced edition which comes with a physical RC controller. The basic kit is now at an early bird price of $149 (non-early bird would be priced at $189) while the deluxe version is priced at $189 for early birds and $249 for non-early birds.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your Flybrix DIY drone kit right away before the early bird price is over! Not convinced? Then check out this video!

[Source: Gizmodo]

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