Good News for Skydivers – World’s First Drone Jump

These powerful multirotor has been utilised fully by a Latvian company, Aerones, which specialises in creating industrial drones that is able to carry a payload up to 220 lb (100 kg). To exhibit their super strong drones, the company developed a unit to carry a skydiver up into the air, which he drops and deploys his parachute.

The Aerones team of engineers and researchers have been up to some similar stunts demonstrating the payload capacity of its drones, taking their recent demo video to the next level. Their 28-propeller drone lifts Ingus Augstkalns, a skydiver, 330 m (1,083 ft) into the air before the skydiver lets go and dives down before releasing his parachute. A drone can be used instead of using a plane. This crazy stunt could be the future of skydiving, satisfying thrillseekers to a whole new level.

“Emotions are fantastic,” Augstkalns said in a statement. “It is obvious that we will experience an increasingly important use of drone in our everyday life. Definitely also my friends skydivers all over the world will be excited about these new opportunities. We live in an exciting time.”

Drones are being used for many sports, including drone racing and also drone surfing with the powerful Alta 8 octocopter. Also, Youtuber Casey Neistat uses a drone to pull him around in a snowboard.



[Source: Aerones]

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