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Hundreds of People Experience the Coventry Blitz Using VR

A virtual reality app has been created to teach the new generation about the Coventry Blitz, and hundreds of people have experienced the app. The Coventry University led a project to create a virtual reality experience to tell the devastating story on the attack of the city on November 14 1940.


Coventry Blitz in VR is a fully immersive experience using the Telegraph’s vast archive of photos and articles from that awful night, 360 degree video and the latest VR technology, brought together in an app thanks to funding secured from digital giant Google.


The educational app puts people in the middle of Coventry Cathedral as it burns during the blitz, and the user has to point a controller to put out fires. News articles published pop up on the screen along with facts from the attack and it finishes with a quiz to see how much you have learned.


The team has not yet analysed the entire data, but initial results show that 71 per cent of the school children found their interaction with the VR news game positive, and 69 per cent of the public said they would seek out similar virtual reality storytelling in the future.


The app is already on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for everyone to download and learn more about the Coventry Blitz in a whole new way. You can check out the video below:



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