Maricopa Police Department Increases Manpower with Drones

The Maricopa Police Department is the first in the Phoenix-area to utilise a drone in handling tactica situations and they are also seeking to increase manpower, as reported from ABC15. The police department is also hopiing that drones would be able to reduce risk of polices’ lives when it comes to dangerous situations.


“You’re looking for those tools to be able to increase your manpower,” Chief Steve Stahl told ABC15. “You may have a barricaded subject in a house — you want to be able to view that enclosure, so to speak, from a safe distance.”


The DJI Matrice 600 UAV is made of carbon fiber and equipped with six propellers. It can lose two of them and stay airborne, Stahl said. The department is finishing up modifications with Innovative UAS in Tempe that will add a two-camera system — HD with 3x zoom and FLIR thermal — and improved GPS transmitters.


Two people are required to operate the drone and all will be certified to fly during the day or at night as needed. The unit will fly at the FAA maximum 35-miles-an-hour, can stay up for 35 minutes and has the power to haul twelve pounds.



Image via ABC15

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