Matt Waite is Utilizing Drones for Future Journalism in Nabraska

Journalism professor in the University of Nebraska, Matt Waite, says that it wasn’t a lot of work behind the scenes when there are the help of drones. Having FAA regulating new rules in engagement and news stories that took advantages of drone’s ability to tell a story with size and scope brought them to a wider use.


“You had this confluence of news organizations that had been building drone programs inside their operations,” says Waite, who teaches reporting and digital product development as part of Nebraska’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. “They had journalists who were now licensed drone pilots. They had the platforms. They had the training.”


Starting in 2011, Waite – a graduate of UN-L’s journalism program – began teaching digital journalism and later founded the university’s Drone Journalism Lab.


According to Waite, “I think that’s indicative of the mindset of most newsrooms in terms of picking stories in terms of who works on those stories, who is the person writing them? There’s a real mindset problem there and it’s subtle and difficult.”

Check out btn.com about the interview between BTN LiveBIG and Matt Waite.


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