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Meet the New HTC Vive Controller for Your Oculus Rift

htc-vive-1024x577 Meet the New HTC Vive Controller for Your Oculus Rift

It is reported that HTC is developing a second generation VR goggle for the HTC Vive, but further announcements about development progress and latest news have not yet been announced. The most recent leak was the prototype of the new version of HTC Vive Controller. The exterior design has undergone a slight change compared to the older version (the HTC Vice motion controller) but there are still some similarities with the Oculus Touch controller.

US game developers, HTC and Valve showed the prototype of the next generation of the HTC Vive Controllers at Wednesday in the Steam Dev Days event. It is claimed that the controller was designed by Valve rather than HTC. Valve is the provider and owner of Steam and the Steam VR system Vive utilises.

The existing version of the HTC Vive Controllers requires players to hold two handle shaped that has no strap secured to your wrist to avoid falling off. Whereas the new controller is greatly improved in form and design, with straps fasten to your hand and it’s like you can drop items in VR, rather than to really drop the whole controller, as seen in this video.

“It further breaks down the barriers between people using VR and their experience, and encourages more natural interactions,” says Fox Buchele, VR Designer and Developer at Idean, a brand agency specializing in cutting edge tech. “The Vive controllers are definitely abstractions, but the prototype was the first controller I tried that actually felt like my real hand.”

Further announcements on the pricing and release date is yet to be told, nor the specific capabilities of the controller. We doubt that it’ll be cheap, considering the Oculus Touch controllers cost around £190 for the pair.

oculus-touch1-1024x576 Meet the New HTC Vive Controller for Your Oculus Rift

The Oculus Touch controller, which is almost similar to the new HTC Vive Controller

[Source: PCWorld]

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