Mysterious Armed Drones Attacking Russian Bases in Syria

Russian bases in Syria have been encountering a series of mysterious attacks, including one conducted by a swarm of armed miniature drones. The military base was able to capture three out of ten unknown explosive drones that descended on Khmeimin air base, and seven were shot down while the remaining three exploded in a crash on 5 January.

There were no casualties or damage to the base, a statement issued by the ministry said. It said it was the first time “terrorists” had used a “massed drone aircraft attack launched at a range of more than 50km using a modern GPS guidance system”.


Russia said it was also controlled by Turkish armed forces. Its defence ministry sent letters to the chief of the Turkish armed forces and the head of its National Intelligence Organisation pointing out “the need for Ankara to fulfil its obligations to ensure compliance with the regime for the cessation of hostilities” in Syria.


It also said in an earlier post that the perpetrators needed technology from “countries with high-technological capabilities” and the drones’ explosive devices had “foreign detonating fuses”.



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