Nature-Loving Drones Able in Restoring The World

Autonomous aerial vehicles from BioCarbon Engineering from Myanmar is now employing these drones to help restore deforested land and plant more trees. The first wave of drones maps the terrain where BioCarbon Engineering is brought into plan. Then a second fleet comes in, firing nutrient-rich seed pods intot he soil, where the soil is carefully selected by an algorithm that analyzes the mapping data.


The result goes way beyond rules of thumb like “the more trees, the better for the environment.” What really makes a difference is ensuring that the right trees are placed in the right soil, growing over time to anchor and enrich specific environments. That’s especially true when the task is reforestation, not starting from scratch.


Case in point — Myanmar. The southeastern Asian country’s environmental conditions have degraded for years. Focusing on the deforested Irrawaddy delta region, BioCarbon Engineering has already begun restoring an area over 1,800 acres in size. Their immediate goal is to fill an additional area a third of that size with a million more trees.


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