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The New Generation of Gaming – Virtual Reality Arcade

In the mere future, you’ll find virtual reality arcades at malls near you.

It has almost been a year since we first heard about the VR theme park, The Void, in Utah. Also there’s Ctrl V, Canada’s first virtual reality arcade, that has just opened this year in May. The immersive virtual reality theme park transports players to another world where they can feel, see, hear, explore and interact with.

Upon walking out if The Void, our minds were blown away. We immediately saw how entertainment facilities like The Void has provided access to the frequently cost-prohibitive immersive technology. They also created a whole new sector of real-life VR arcade that people will seek out the experience with their friends. This new generation of gaming has offer a new way to experience and even create art.

zero-latency-sega-japan2-1024x575-1024x575 The New Generation of Gaming – Virtual Reality Arcade

Now that technology has gone better and cheaper, people tend to buy and play at home instead, making arcades almost completely disappeared.

Since arcades have been a big part during the 1970s and 80s, some people are hoping that arcades could return. They found a way to return arcades though, that is, by letting people experience virtual reality games that is too expensive to buy. VR equipment may cost you hundred to thousands of dollars. VR arcades can also provide players with the space needed, so that they will be able to move around, and you will not run the risk of bumping into things at home.

Virtual reality arcades and theme parks have gain momentum everywhere around the world. It wouldn’t be a surprise if there was one right outside your doorstep in just a matter of years!

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