NTT Docomo Unveils Spherical LED Display Drone

Japan’s mobile phone operator, NTT Docomo, is utilizing the LED light displaying technology in a vehicle, like that of bicycle wheels, of the aerial kind. As the company believes, this is world’s first flying spherical drone display.

The spherical from measures 88cm (34.6 inches) in diameter and it consist of a quadcopter contained inside the sphere with the legs protruding beneath the sphere. The device produces images through a series of eight vertical curved strips of LED that rotates horizontally you won’t notice. The LED flash on and off repeatedly to form a display measuring 144 pixels high and 136 pixels wide, as the strips rotate. Including the drone, the whole thing weighs just 3.4 kg.

The company says the largely hollow structure crafted out by the lightweight external frame and internal LED frame that allows air to flow through it, overcomes the challenge of creating a drone-based spherical display that doesn’t interfere with the airflow around the drone’s propellers while allowing the illusion of a solid display.

Docomo will be showcasting the spherical drone display at NTT Ultra Future Museum 2017 during the Niconico Chokaigi conference at Makuhari Mesee today (29th April 2017) in Chiba City, Japan, where they will demonstrate the flight inside the event hall. The company also wishes to commercialize the drone before March 2019.

[Source: NTT Docomo]

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