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On The Uprise: Virtual Reality As Seen Through The HOOTOO 3D Headset

Vr-Hootoo-300x300 On The Uprise: Virtual Reality As Seen Through The HOOTOO 3D HeadsetVirtual Reality

All those years ago, when people would sing songs and tell stories to stay entertained and use fire and lanterns to keep their houses alight, who would have thought that down the string of time people would be experiencing and seeing a whole new world through a pair of glasses, seeing a whole new world appear right in front of their eyes all through of a pair of glasses.

Even though the concept of virtual reality remains an unknown mystery to some in the world, it has travelled leaps and bounds than what it used to be and has become so common that you can purchase headsets that provide the full virtual reality experience for prices as low as $26. So I decided to give one of these easily available Virtual Reality headsets a try, in order to see if they really do live up to the expectations a buyer may associate with a VR experience or if they are simply an excuse in the name of actuality augmentation.

HooToo 3D VR

The HooToo 3D VR Headset with Magnetic Trigger was my product of choice as i placed the order and waited for my product to arrive and see if it proves to be any good. Upon first arrival, the headset received a look of appreciation for its trendy yet not too over the top style and appearance. The material used to craft the device seemed quite durable even though it is quite light in weight. The eye piece sits snugly on the face, does not dig in andWide-Hootoo-300x300 On The Uprise: Virtual Reality As Seen Through The HOOTOO 3D Headset the cushion at the back of the head straps feels rather comfortable. What I appreciated was the fact that there has been some space left in order to allow ventilation through the device when being used.

I was able to connect HooToo to my phone, which is six inches in length. The device can support smartphones that range between 4.7 to 6 inches in screen size and a width of 6.8 to 3.5 inches. Even though the device cannot be linked to a personal computer or any device other than a smartphone, I will give it a pass. Because the experience I received once I began to test it was no less than a pleasure and delight to go through.

I was astonished to notice how clear the images were, if not then a focal adjuster present there to make them clearer after i placed my smartphone in the flip-open compartment at the front of the headset. The one thing that has made life in VR easier in this headset is that you do not have to take off the compartment in order to place your phone and get watching. In addition to that, the magnetic controls are extremely easy to use even for people Hootoo-Magnetic-300x300 On The Uprise: Virtual Reality As Seen Through The HOOTOO 3D Headsetwho are new to this whole thing. The view is quite expansive and distortions and disturbances remain at an impeccable minimum, often at times being completely non existent, the high definition lenses making the experience of watching movies in three dimension as real as it gets through virtuality.

By the time I was done giving the HooToo 3D VR Headset with Magnetic Trigger a test run, my nose or eyes didn’t hurt, I could actually simply slide my phone out the front part of the headset, and was able to take off the straps with ease. There is no doubt that virtual reality is definitely finding its place in the common market with products that are actually a great means to step into the world of augmentation. Definitely Recommended!

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HooToo 3D VR Headset with Magnetic Trigger, Upgraded and Much Lighter Version...

The Future Is In Front Of You Strap in and prepare for the latest in virtual reality. The HooToo HT-VR002 is a virtual reality headset capable of displaying 3D films, stunning 360 degree interactive ...

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HooToo HT-VR002 3D VR visor II B01FU98R1EThe HT-VR00 Virtual Reality Visor has some interesting innovations. An easy access clear acrylic front door that flips open to hold your display divice. The sides have access to either end of the display device to service power, data, audio cabling. The Visor is very light and fits comfortably, the strap anchor for the back of the head is large and soft and does not become annoying after a few minutes. The adjustment controls are easy to reach to insure you have a custom fit that makes your eyes happy. I especially like the focusing for the individual eyepieces. And biggest revelation in my humble opinion is this model has the magnetic trigger button so you can just run the cardboard and go with it.As children we were brought up with the stereoscopic viewmaster pictures. This is light years ahead of that. Install cardboard on your phone and in a few minutes you will be whisked to a whole new environment. Old familiar apps may support cardboard such as street view in google maps, or some of your favorite games my have no qualms to be split up by cardboard for the 3d stereoscopic view. Treat yourself to something cool. Try street view in 3d, walk around the Jules Verne Restaurant on the Eiffel Tower. ==--> Product sample provided for fair review MDL#: HT-VR002 ASIN: B01FU98R1E
June 10, 2016
What a concept it will be to escape our current reality and immerse ourselves into a whole different world. How much more would we enjoy the Hunger Games, The Martian, and other great movies by being there?The HooToo HT-VR002 is a virtual reality headset capable of displaying 3D films, stunning 360 degree interactive photos and videos, and dedicated VR websites. I have used it with my iPhone, and my wife’s Samsung Galaxy. It is also compatible with LG, Google smartphones, and others. These glasses almost bring virtual reality to reality. The only thing that is missing is the feeling.I received these glasses for an honest review. Upon opening the package, you will notice, a very nice stylish device. It is light. It looks way nicer than other 3D glasses out there. I like the fact that you do not have to remove the front like the VR glasses from Samsung. You just pull the front cover back, put the camera in, and you are in business.Another feature that I like about it is the fact, I can include a USB storage on my iPhone, wear my glasses with it and without any issues. I have used my wife’s Samsung Galaxy with a thick case, connected for power, and it worked fine, and fit well. It feels comfortable and snug on your head due to a balanced design that redistributes the weight to relieve tension, stress, and pressure, ensuring you can use the headset for longer. When worn, the soft sponge casing further reduces pressure as well as providing more room for your face to breathe.No matter your level of vision, thanks to a fully adjustable focal (2.1"- 2.9") and object distance settings, you can still enjoy i. I wore it with and without my glasses and still enjoyed great pictures. There is also the adjustable strap that you can modify for better comfort.Read more ›
June 10, 2016
This new VR glasses from HooToo has some welcomed improvementsIn their version one, the smartphone sat in a tray. It's easier to take the smartphone in and out of this new VR headset since it's just a snap coverThough this isn't an official Google Cardboard, it has the magnet.The head strap is also more comfortable as the back of the head part is leather. The straps are elastic and adjustable.Just like the last model, the focal and pupal are also adjustable in the newer unit.HooToo provided a discounted unit for an honest review.Awkward Hamster
June 18, 2016

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