Pouncer Drone : ‘Edible’ Drone for Disaster Relief

Windhorse Aerospace, the company that deserves all rights and credits with thier amazing creation delivers life-saving supplies such as food, medicine and water to victims who are suffering from natural disasters or war zones. They rely on traditional air drops that normally wouldn’t land accurately on the site of destruction, but the Pouncer drone is different. It is specially designed to deliver aid where it is needed and it lands exactly at the site, making sure those in trouble get what they need in time.

What’s so amazing about this drone is that every part of the drone aids in disaster relief. From its wings to its head and tail, it can be filled with supplies, including medicinal supplies, vacuum-packed food, water payloads and other equipment. The Pouncer drone has a wooden frame that can be used to set up fire for cooking and warming and the empty shell can provide shelter in a pinch. Almost nothing is wasted from the drone.

pouncer4 Pouncer Drone : ‘Edible’ Drone for Disaster Relief

Well, it can react very quickly to need. If you’ve got a disaster, the Pouncer aircraft can be introduced and react to that within hours, and accurately. Where the infrastructure on the ground is cut off, or the airspace is cut off, Pouncer will go straight to the heart of the problem. This doesn’t mean that other forms of air delivery are now defunct. They’re exceptionally good, but only when the conditions are right.

Says ex-British Army veteran, Nigel Gifford

The drone would be dropped 25,000ft (7,600m) above the air by the highly versatile Hercules C-130 transport aircraft. The aircraft can carry up to a maximum payload of 110lb (50 kg). A small navigation system within the Pouncer drone would guide it to its required destination, deploying a parachute within 20ft (7m) of its target site.

The Pouncer drone has a wingspan of 10ft (3m), a fuselage length of 5ft (1.5m), a weight of 55lb (25kg) when empty and 165lb (75kg) when fully loaded with supplies. The supplies are able to cover the needs of 50 man day rations in Asia and Africa, and 40 in Europe, America and Oceania. If everything goes as planned, the Pouncer drone would be able to be officially launced by April next year.

Check out the video below for more of the Pouncer:

[Source: InterestingEngineering]

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