QUADRO AI Drone – Removes the ‘trouble’ of shopping

A Japanese drone company developed the QUADRO, short for Quadcopter AI Drone Robot, is a foldable, lightweight drone that accompanies women when they go shopping by helping them carry their shopping bags. Women love shopping, I mean, who doesn’t? There is no such thing as window-shopping for women, and shopping lists are just nonsense. QUADRO can actually ease the lives of men, helping them to carry shopping bags of their girlfriends or wives.

Designed by Shigeo Hirata from the Phiaro Corporation Design Development Center, QUADRO is able to recognize their owner and automatically follows them around. The camera takes selfies for you to update your social medias and also has a recognition system that memorizes the surroundings. By installing the app on your smartphone, you can call it from a distance or let QUADRO lead you to your destination.

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aacfc848099169.588ef4cb88d51-1024x576 QUADRO AI Drone – Removes the ‘trouble’ of shopping

Equipped with a hook to hold your shopping bags and belongings, it has other features such as navigation and obstacle avoidance. It is able to navigate around areas and lead you to new places or follow you around. It has a built-in obstacle avoidance system so that it does not crash to walls or other people.

[Source: QUADRO]

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