Shanghai Disneyland: A Fine Of 30,000 Yuan For Illegal Drone Flying

It’s been almost a month since the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. One of the latest regulation announced is that operators of unauthorized drones caught flying over the Shanghai International and Tourism Resorts Zone will receive a fine up to 30,000 yuan (US$4,518), resulting in Shanghai Disneyland banning drones in their area.

Individual drone owners will be fined 500 to 2,000 yuan, while companies will receive a penalty of 30,000 yuan. According to the regulations, all drones, helicopters, gliders and other aerial devices taking off and landing at the restriction zone must receive approval from the authorities in advance.

Drone photography and videography has been trending since the first release of drones. The zone committee has found numerous unauthorized drones violating the restriction zone taking photos and videos. This will raise safety concerns due to the risk of the UAV falling and injuring visitors and tourists.

df-300x200 Shanghai Disneyland: A Fine Of 30,000 Yuan For Illegal Drone FlyingDrone users have to understand that they are actually flying close to the busiest part of Disneyland. On June 16 2016 (official opening day of Shanghai Disneyland), visitors fly their unmanned vehicle during the fireworks display, hovering inches away from getting lit up by the sparks from the fireworks. There could be disastrous consequences on the large crowd if the drones fell from the sky, carrying flames as it goes.

Both selfie sticks and drones have been banned within Shanghai Disneyland. Disneyland in the United States is now actively developing their own UAV, the Flixel drone technology for nighttime shows, replacing the traditional firework displays.

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