Teenager Builts iPhone of Drones

19-year-old normal highschooler George Matus believes that his drones will be revolutionary that will be equipped with artificial intelligence and can recognize faces and objects. Searching for venture capitalists to increase funds, he is able to make iPhone controls drones.


His drone, he believes, will be revolutionary. It will come equipped with artificial intelligence so it can recognize faces and objects and pick them out in a crowd; it will help police departments find lost children, ranchers monitor their herds, cities inspect buildings. If all goes according to plan, it will do for drones what the iPhone did for phones. It will make them useful, helpful. It will change the way we live. And it will be very, very fast.


That isn’t the only thing he’s getting the hang of. Matus is the founder and CEO of his own drone company, Teal, which has raised $2.8 million in seed money and attracted the support of some of the biggest venture capitalists in the tech world. He’s looking to raise another $15 to $20 million next year. He’s managing a staff of people decades older than he is. He is also under pressure. A lot of pressure. Which is why it’s good that we’re headed to a park to play with his company’s first product, the Teal Sport.


“For me it’s more about the ability to be able to stay on the bleeding edge of something. Elon Musk says he just likes to think about the future and not be sad. That’s the way I like to approach it, too. We’ve got the chance to make a slightly better future. That’s what keeps me motivated.”



Image via Entrepreneur

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