Tokyo Plans for Industrial AI Delivery by 2030

The government of Japan says they will be having autonomous drones and trucks to handle, deliver and distribute packages and parcels by 2030, showing a path forward for a fully automated city plan. These unmanned vehicles will be implanted with artificial intelligence (AI) to promote future economic development.

The Japanese government hopes to reshape the manufacturing, logistics, medical and other fields through AI technology, where the tracking-chart of the application of artificial intelligence in different industries and the government’s goals are divided into three phases, according to the number of years: from now to roughly 2020, then from then to around 2025 to 2030, and thereafter.  According to the timeline, 2030 will be entering a fully automated delivery service, with AI-driven unmanned transportation and aerial vehicles.

enRoute-Zion-used-by-Mikawaya-21-1024x839 Tokyo Plans for Industrial AI Delivery by 2030

Japan’s startup delivery company, Mikawaya 21, has repeatedly tested delivery using drones

Yamato Transport, a delivery company in Japan, faces manpower shortages due to rise in online shopping and an immense amount of packages that have to be sent out daily. They would have to handle fewer parcels and removing customer’s ability to choose a delivery time. Yamato has collaborated with DeNA, an internet company, on a project to apply AI to help in the task of delivering parcels.

The government would be reducing some red tape involving in testing these autonomous vehicles and drones in Japan’s strategic special zones. Certain regulations regarding aviation will be temporary lifted in some zones, presenting legislation at the current Diet session. By 2020, Japan is likely to fall short of around 48,000 information technology workers, whereby encouraging the government to present budgets and legal paths to expand personnel training and startup support in order to keep up with the timeline.

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[Source: Nikkei]

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