Unauthorized Drones will be Shot Down By Offutt’s Security Squadron

Be warned to never fly your drone near Offutt Air Force Base’s boundaries and airspace, because you’ll likely lose it. The US air force base did not go into specifics about the capabilities of the security squadron but it says that they have “a number of unique defense systems” to protect against unauthorized drones.

“Our mission is to ensure the safety and security of resources and personnel on base and this is just one method of keeping pace with an ever evolving threat,” said Lt. Col. William Smith, commander of the 55th Security Forces Squadron at the base.

Drones are entirely off-limits within 3 miles of the base’s airfield, and use between 3 miles and the edge of its Federal Aviation Administration airspace at 5 miles is very limited.

In August, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis told Pentagon reporters that a classified policy covering drones had been approved.


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