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Will Social VR Become a Target for Con Artists and Fraudsters?

Social virtual reality has inevitably expanded beyond the walled gardens of social media platforms, the odds of having someone hack your VR account can possibly be high. Social VR has the potential to be a nightmare when it comes to fraud, which is why the world’s largest technical professional organization is working to stop theat from happening.

Enter the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which this month released the second draft of its “Ethically Aligned Design” guide. The guide is aimed at getting developers to consider those far-flung scenarios as they develop increasingly advanced artificial intelligence. The document is the work of 13 expert committees from the “Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.”

Starship-vTime-300x169 Will Social VR Become a Target for Con Artists and Fraudsters?

Iorio’s colleague, Monique Morrow, another member of the IEEE Standards Association, tells Inverse that AR could be used for crime and impersonation. She referenced Minority Report, the Phillip K. Dick sci-fi book about a “pre-crime” police squad that convicts people for crimes they haven’t yet committed. It was adapted into a 2002 movie starring Tom Cruise that adds the element of virtual reality.


It’s hard to imagine getting that attached to virtual avatars, mostly because they still look like weird toy people. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was widely criticized for his ” virtual visit ” to Puerto Rico in October, as the cartoonish grins felt out-of-place in the Hurricane Maria-struck surroundings:



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