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WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V)

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Here is some good news for all action game enthusiasts. Now you can enjoy some real combat action with your friends, siblings or professional players. WowWee has developed Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (REV) that permits the players to have air to land combat and this is well within the limits of your home. There is absolutely no need to go outdoors to enjoy some real tough fight between your quad-copter and car.

The REV Air box contains 1 car and 1 drone for perfect ground to air combat. The drone comes along with 1 Lithium polymer battery. However, you need to buy 4 AA batteries to run the car.


Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (REV) is equipped with advanced tracking technology and sensitive sensors. These sensors detect the objects etc in pathwowwee WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V) and steer their way through to avoid collision, especially the drone that is designed to avoid objects and take flight accordingly.

Once you have inserted the batteries in the car and charged the drone battery, all that you need to create your own battlefield is a simple app on your mobile that does the work of the controller. By downloading the R.E.V. Air app on the Smartphone or tablet, one can easily take charge of any of the vehicles. Just let the fun begin!

This drone does not have any camera installed and is merely for gaming purpose.



The most positive feature of the toy is that it does not need any predefined track. You can comfortably play anywhere in the house or outdoors. The car runs well on carpets as well as wooden surfaces. Nonetheless, smooth flooring enhances its maneuvering capacity.

Since it can be controlled by phone or tablet instead of a complex controller, kids find it an engaging plaything and can keep themselves happy for a long time. This toy is equally engaging for adults too.

The lithium polymer battery also gives a decent charge for a good performance.

The app is easy to download and can be updated for optimum performance. Once you get the knack of assembling the drone unit properly, then with few practice sessions sky is the limit for the combat fun.


Before you buy the product, kindly make sure that your Smartphone passes the compatibility test for installing the app. Since the app is the actual controller of your flights and combat, it only makes sense to have a compatible phone that can run this app without any hitch, else you will not be able to start or play with these wonderful vehicles.

The quad-copters need proper pairing as per the given instructions; otherwise the drone has a tendency to just take a straight upward flight and crash into things and get damaged. Remember, there are no additional props included in the packing, so the toy becomes useless if damaged.

Unless the firmware is calibrated properly, it does not function efficiently and may result in accidents of drone. Do keep the app updated for best gaming results.


Move over video games and phone apps, because now real, live combat experience is here for one and all. Enjoy your flights and save your vehicle from opponent’s attack. May the best and powerful, skillful player win!

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WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V)

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Box includes 1 Drone and 1 Car for true Ground-to-Air Combat; Control either vehicle with your mobile device; Compete against friends or a legion of ...

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Rev (2 Cars Included)-Parent

Its fun, with a few caveats:You will need a lot of room for these cars, as they are quick and sometimes unpredictable. Small objects will not be much for the cars to knock out of the way, but they can get caught on small ledges, and stuck under short couches.Due to the fact the front wheels are plastic, and the car turns by the rear wheels alone (the two back wheels are separate motors), the car will bounce and slide a lot on tile, concrete, and can be VERY loud. The clearance of the car is too low for high pile carpet... so your best terrain is on very low pile carpet where the car will have enough traction to move about, and not loud at all. Its a lot of fun!Your best bet is to run the cars with an iOS device. Bluetooth is what is used to control the cars, and Android devices seem to have a bit of lag. That and the controls on the iOS seem a bit more refined than that on Android. Honestly, I would like to be able to control the car with a gamepad, but more than one bluetooth device would be a bit much to handle.The cars feel solid, have a long battery life, and are impressive in AI control mode!
January 11, 2017
Bought this for my nephew as his Christmas present. He is 12 years old. I was a little worried that he would be a little too old for something like this but was pleasantly surprised when he went nuts over it. We added the 8 AA batteries and the kids downloaded the apps to their phones and iPads and they were off. I was a little worried about the cars scuffing the furniture as they crashed into it but so far no marks. My nephew and daughter played with it for a quite a long time. I believe the cars can shoot at each other. Even when my daughter became disinterested he was able to put it into single player mode and play with both cars.It thrilled me when he proclaimed that mine was the best Christmas present he received. Yippee, goal achieved!!!!
January 5, 2016
These cars are SO COOL! I bought them for my 12 yr old daughter who is really hard to buy for. We have wood floors with several thick rugs and these cars did just fine on these surfaces. The controls are a little difficult to navigate at first, but my daughter had no problem figuring it out. She loves the 1 player mode where she plays a computer. You steer one car, and the computer will follow you and try to shoot you. It made it the whole stretch of our downstairs. I was amazed!We definitely recommend Rev cars, and foresee ourselves having many hours of fun with them.
January 8, 2016

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