XDynamics Introduces Evolve Drone with Dual-Screen Controller

XDynamics announced the release of a new consumer camera drone, Evolve, that will be launched a few weeks later at CES 2017, last week Wednesday. The Evolve drone is world’s first consumer drone to have a physical dual-screen remote controller, which a patent awarded design.

According to XDynamics, the dual screen includes two screens, one at the top and the other next to the joysticks. The top screen acts as a seven-inch viewfinder while the bottom screen is a five-inch multi-touch control panel, minimizing the number of buttons on the controller. Although the screens don’t have a brightness control panel, the company says it will be visible in direct sunlight.

The top screen allows users to have an instant live view of what the Evolve drone captures using the camera. While the bottom screen includes a Smart Pilot System (SPS) which combines all required functions for drone pilots. The SPS has:

  • Album manager: allows users to view, organise, sort, rename and caption aerial photos and videos and also able to enhance images quickly with filter effects.
  • Alert centre: enable users to keep up with the drone’s status, and resolve issues with the following suggested solutions.
  • Flight modes: allows the drone to follow the user and take selfies and create scenes when it flies along user-selected paths.
  • Path planner: allows pilots to select multiple waypoints by locations, altitudes, and directions, and let the drone flies according to it independently.
  • Map preloader: enables users to save and name locations of interest offline to view at flight.
  • Social media connector: allows users to upload videos or photos capture instantly to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

dual-screen-drone-5-1024x476 XDynamics Introduces Evolve Drone with Dual-Screen Controller

dual-screen-drone-6-1024x476 XDynamics Introduces Evolve Drone with Dual-Screen Controller

The dual-screen controller

The controller’s computing power comes in the shape of a 64-bit quad-core CPU and a dedicated GPU, along with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. It utilises Android, and features a USB port, MicroSD slot and a MicroHDMI port for external connectivity. The dual screen is to bring an experience which draws inspiration from smartphones and digital cameras to handheld game consoles.

“The remote controller is what differentiates XDynamics Evolve from competitors the most,” says Benny Chan, CEO of XDynamics. “It has everything prepared and covered. You need no separate apps, smartphones, and cables to assemble a full-function remote controller. Performance, reliability, and safety are within your reach.”

The Evolve drone has a 4K camera with Sony CMOS that is able to provide 1080p at 60 fps and has a transmission latency of less than 10 milliseconds, while it can also record 4K videos at 24 fps. The camera contains a 21mm f/2.8 lens with 12.4MP fitted to a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. The drone shell is made of carbon fibre, making it strong and durable to impact.

The price of the drone is still unclear and will launch in Q1 217.

[Source: XDynamics]

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