Xiaomi Unveiled Its First VR Headset

The wait is over, Xiaomi officially unveiled its first ever VR headset and they named it Mi VR Play.  It is actually an “upgrade” version of Google Cardboard with a secured zipper compartment to hold the smartphone and with custom printed designs on the case.  Mi VR headset could be used for the smartphone size ranging from 4.7″ to 5.7″ and it is designed the way that the smartphone’s position could be adjusted instead of lens adjustment only.

Xiaomi-VR-Cases Xiaomi Unveiled Its First VR Headset

At the same time, Xiaomi also designed its own app for the users to watch 3D movies and to play 3D games.  The selling price of Mi VR Play is still a mystery, however there was a leaked image from China showing the price was set on China Yuan 49 (about USD 7.5).   It will be truly excited if Xiaomi would really set the price with less than USD 10 as it will benefit all of us who want to give VR headset a try with a low budget.

xiami-vr-price-leaked Xiaomi Unveiled Its First VR Headset

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