Xiaomi Venturing Into VR Market

Xiaomi, one of the world leading manufacturers of the smartphones and wearables from China is on its way to venture into virtual reality market.  On the recent post from their Weibo (China Version of Twitter), it revealed a teaser that suggested the launching date might fall in August 2016.

xiao-mi Xiaomi Venturing Into VR Market

Xiaomi’s general manager, Tang Mu, said that Xiaomi’s own headset would be enhanced the VR experience for MI UI users.  It is believed that the newest Xiaomi’s VR headset will be designed to work in conjunction with a smartphone, and will support Google’s Daydream VR platform.

Many have claimed one of the problems with Android’s VR platform is that it will require a higher spec hardware smartphone in order to perform smoothly.  The smartphones these days would easily heat up and would cause the frames dropped and affecting the overall experiences due to the hardware simply can not handle the heavy requirement on image loading.

Based on the information gathered, Xiaomi is “expecting” to release the VR headset officially on 4th August, below is a leaked image if you can not wait to see.  The price is still unknown at this stage but we will do the update once it is confirmed.

Xiao-Mi-leak Xiaomi Venturing Into VR Market



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