Yuneec Breeze Drone – For Selfie Experts

90801-1-static-1024x576 Yuneec Breeze Drone – For Selfie Experts

Yuneec’s newest drone, Breeze drone, is dedicated for those who love taking selfies more than flying the drone itself. Selfies taken with the drone is sent directly to the user’s smartphone to be uploaded to social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Now, the company is adding more features to the drone, like allowing your friends and followers to get a drone’s-eye view on what you are doing.

The Breeze drone is able to shoot 4K videos and store them in a memory card, or present live videos in 720p to nearby iOS and Andriod smartphones who have the Breeze Cam app. You can update your Youtube or Facebook by broadcasting live feeds, all thanks to the new software update. Live videos are also able to be broadcasted to systems compatible with the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) platform.

Video captured are recorded in 720p from the drone camera, while audio is handled by the mobile device running the app. The drone’s flight time is exactly 12 minutes, no more and no less, so you have to keep on point if you are running a live feed to social media.

For this Breeze drone owners, the Breeze Cam app can be downloaded now since the new features are added in the latest software. The video below demonstrates on how to set up livestreaming to your social media platform.

[Source: Yuneec]

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