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Ziess VR One Plus

Virtual reality is growing more and more popular these days and almost all companies have their own headset. This is no exception to the German camera lens maker Ziess (Carl Ziess). Ziess jumped into the ring making their patented Ziess VR One Plus. The VR One Plus VR goggle that lets you slip your phone in and allows you to watch everything in VR, even through your drones, making it feels like you’re the one flying in the air.

The Ziess VR One Plus is developed from the original Ziess VR One headset which was launched early in October 2015. The drawbacks of the first generation VR goggles is that it limits the types of smartphone which can be fitted into it. The limitation has been removed with the updated version: Ziess VR One Plus, that has debuted at E3 this year.

Zeiss-VR-One-man-1024x576 Ziess VR One Plus

Zeiss-VR-One-9-650-80-1024x575 Ziess VR One Plus

Supports any smartphone sizes

By accommodating any smartphone of sizes 4.7-inch to 5.5-inch screen size and downloading their app, you can watch through the lenses with immersive video experience. Its mobile app “Cloudlight FPV”, allows the Ziess VR One Plus to control DJI Phantom and Inspire drones, allowing pilots to experience first person view through the eyes of the drone.

Estimated price range of around $129, the Ziess VR One Plus headset follows the rule of simplicity. The design and function is simple, with no specific controls whatsoever. Making it resembling the Google Cardboard headset. Or better yet, it wouldn’t get soggy and mushy in the rain. The VR One Plus has a significantly higher improvement than the previous generation of VR One in terms of compatibility and handling.

Zeiss-VR-One-005-800x450-1-1024x576 Ziess VR One Plus

Users are able to see flight altitude, battery percentage of their phone and drone, and more

With the app “Clouglight FPV”, the FPV experience will illustrate images that are displayed on your smartphone with a split screen. The left and right parallax images provide you with VR imaging effect. At the same time, the screen will display flight altitude and battery percentage of the drone.

The most important feature of the Ziess VR One Plus is the head movement tracking feature. You can simply move your head in the direction you want to see and the drone camera will follow the direction of your head. The feature is almost similar to VR drones. However, the app can only be used for iOS version, in other words, Android users will not be able to experience and use the VR flight control.

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